Clarus Power is a solar power startup based in San Francisco that focuses on bringing more affordable solar power directly to homeowners. The company had just emerged from their seed round of funding and needed a rebrand to boost their company image and publicity. 
During the summer of 2016, I worked closely with the President & CEO of the company to develop and execute a successful rebrand. Together, we determined the primary goals of the project: 
-To clearly communicate Clarus' commitment to a healthier, greener lifestyle for homeowners. 
-To present a company image that was friendlier to their main market (homeowners with steady incomes), while still maintaining a professional and clean look. 
-To design a brand that was recognizable and stood out amongst solar industry companies. 
Pre- vs. Post-rebrand. 
In addition to designing a new logotype and branding identity for Clarus Power, I was also in charge of developing new methods of brand outreach. This included designing the company's social media campaign/content style, as well as helping to carry out the social media campaign to increase consumer awareness. I also worked with the President of the company to design future branding outreach campaigns, including a sustainable holiday gift box set for customers. 

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